Being overweight has nothing to do with FOOD. It's the way you THINK about food, USE food and your RELATIONSHIP with food. The secret is that it is Mind Over Fatter™!

Welcome to Your Weight Solution™!

It is all about Mindful Eating!

Watch Dee Wolk, Founder and Creator of No Diet Weight Solution®, share her success with losing 40 pounds–30 years ago–and not gaining back even ONE POUND!



You learn the difference between the three types of hunger. Body hunger, mind hunger, and clock hunger. Dee teaches you eat whatever you want. You do not count calories, you do not deprive yourself of the foods you love, or have to buy special foods. You simply track how hungry you are, before and after, each time you eat and eat only when you are truly body hungry. The weight melts off!
Dee, a highly experienced weight-loss instructor developed her revolutionary approach to weight loss in 1983 after years of dieting frustration. The program delivery has helped thousands of clients through direct, face-to-face consultation, and webinar classes. The program is approved and recommended by physicians and certified dietitians. The program has 30 years of success in helping thousands of clients, just like you, permanently lose weight without dieting or deprivation.
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Real Freedom

Participants in our programs achieve freedom from guilt, special foods, scales and deprivation. This healthy, simple, and natural solution will help you lose weight, and keep it off permanently.

Healthier Mind and Body

With No Diet Weight Solution ® you lose your unhealthy emotional relationship with food. You experience higher self -esteem, feel better about your self, and are energized to begin your day. Your body becomes stronger, and healthier all without dieting or deprivation.

Lasting Results

If diets really worked you would only need one. No Diet Weight Solution ® is a proven cutting edge “non-diet” that gives you the tools, strategies and support to permanently lose weight. Doctor endorsed and recommended, our program will help you end yo-yo dieting and start a lifetime of healthy weight management.

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