One of the foundational concepts with No Diet Weight Solution is that there are 3 different types of hunger, which takes 3 different types of fuel.  When you are physically body hungry, food is fuel.  When you are emotionally mind hungry (bored, lonely, happy, sad, tired), your body has no interest in food.  Rather, your mind is looking for something specific (rest, activity, socialization, etc.).  Clock dictated hunger has nothing at all to do with hunger.  Just as it sounds, these are those times when someone says, “it’s 6:30pm, let’s eat.”  The 2 latter hungers have NOTHING to do with hunger.  These are the times you are reaching for food for reasons OTHER THAN hunger.  Why is that a problem?  When you eat when you are physically body hungry, you burn it.  When you eat for any other reason, you wear it!

The lesson?  Eat only when you are hungry.  If you are not hungry, there is no reason to eat.  Your body and mind are looking for different fuel at those times.  Identify what that is (if you are tired, rest…if you are bored, go do something).

Here are some reminder tips, in alignment with No Diet Weight Solution’s foundation, from


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