What actually creates personal change?  One thing and one thing only: the acceptance of what is real.  What is real is, if you continue to eat the way you have been eating, you will continue to gain weight.  If you are not fat and happy (fat and happy were never able to happen at the same time for me), if it is too painful where you are now, and you are totally fed up, you are ready for change.

What does it take to accomplish this?  WANTING IT ENOUGH!  Wanting it enough is the power you have to accomplish this change.

Ask yourself these questions:

What is it that you want?  You have to NAME IT before you can CLAIM IT!

Are you ready to do what you need to do to commit to making it happen?

What are the barriers to what I want? (Things such as “me” and “the way I use food”)

What must I do to get it?

Wanting change simply won’t give you change.  You have to want it enough to make it happen.  Only then will you begin to empower yourself to start making choices that will get you to your payoff.

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