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Dr. Julie’s No Diet Weight Solution® Success Story

“How can I ever thank you for giving me such an important piece of my life back? I came to you a slave to food and sick of dieting. Through your remarkable and easy-to-follow program, I have not only lost excess weight but have gained self-love and self-awareness.
I had tried many diets in the past, always returning to my unhealthy eating binge/starve cycle once I “fell off the wagon” and could no longer tolerate deprivation that diets provided. Truth be told, I was in emotional and physical discomfort as a result of my overeating. I was also a slave to sugary foods and late-night TV eating. Little did I know that I was about to meet an outstanding mentor and friend, Dee Wolk, who would hold my hand and lead me away from my unhealthy relationship with food.

The very first time I met you and heard your message of “non-dieting” weight loss, I knew in my heart that your program was very different from anything else I had ever tried. I looked forward to your class each week, because as I worked your program not only was I losing weight but I was losing many of my negative associations with food and exercise.

As a result of your 8-week course, I lost 18 pounds (and counting!). I exercise regularly and work out with a personal trainer, have loads of energy at the end of my workday for my family and am a positive role model for my patients. For the first time in my life, I am not afraid of failing yet another diet, because you have taught me sustainable and sensible lifestyle changes. Best of all, I never feel deprived!

Dee, thank you for your compassionate leadership through one of the most important changes in my life. You are an inspiration to all who suffer with excess weight. I can highly recommend Dee’s Weight Solution to anybody who is tired of dieting and instead would like to permanently change his or her lifestyle into one that is balanced and full of joy. I know you are a friend who will continue to be there for me as I continue on this important journey.”

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Paul’s No Diet Weight Soltuion® Success Story

“Doing fantastic here – thanks in no small part to NDWS.

Current weight is 201 pounds. 45 pounds total lost, 31.5 since the classes started. I’m thinking somewhere in the low 190’s is where I should settle in but we’ll see. I’m nearly 6’2″ with a larger frame so I think this will be a healthy weight.

I’ve been bitten big-time by the running bug. 45 pounds ago I struggled to jog a mile without stopping. Made a 9 mile run this weekend and then (gulp) signed up for a half-marathon that’s about 5 weeks out. Have some friends that are serious runners that I’m leaning on for training advice. Up until a few weeks ago I had never in my life run more than 4 or 5 miles, so I’m pretty excited about the prospect of completing a half-marathon. Depending on how it goes I may try to train for the Pittsburgh marathon next May. Thanks!”

MAY 2014
“Well this weekend I completed my first full marathon. Couldn’t help but think a little about NDWS during the run and the part that it played in getting me healthy enough to undertake my endeavor. Certainly could not have done this 50 pounds ago.

I was blessed enough to not only finish, but ran a 3:50 time which put me just inside the top 25% of runners. This time last year I couldn’t run a mile without stopping.

The guy on the right looks a lot happier, doesn’t he? The picture on the left was from 5/19/2013, I had already lost 15 pounds at that point.

Thanks for the support and encouragement.”

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Carole’s No Diet Weight Solution® Success Story

December 2004
“I was an emotional eater. Food gave me a comfort I didn’t think I could get anywhere else. I tried every diet there was only to gain it all back and a few pounds more.
When I got to my heaviest weight, I was at my lowest point in my life. I knew I had to do something and remembered seeing Dee on a television program. I gave her a call and, after hearing her common sense approach to weight loss, I was ready to change my life – free from dieting!
I have never felt better in my life! I have more energy, look better in my clothes, and my blood pressure is back to normal. My confidence has returned and I am a happier person than I have been in five years.”

April 2010

“I had been overweight most of my adult life. In 2003, I took Dee Wolk’s No Diet Weight Solution® program. During the next year, I lost 45 lbs. and have kept it off for 7-1/2 years. I tried many different diets over the years and lost weight only to put it back on again. What is so different with Dee’s program is that you get the tools and knowledge to keep the weight off!
There is no dieting involved so you never feel deprived. You learn the proper place that food has in your life and how to deal with everyday situations and holidays, as well as the way you should use food as fuel.
I would recommend Dee Wolk’s No Diet Weight Solution® program to any one that wants to lose weight and, most importantly, keep it off!”

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Guy’s No Diet Weight Solution® Success Story

Guy lost 75 pounds with the No Diet Weight Solution® program…and has kept it off for more than 5 years.

March 2011
At the Informational there was enough truth in what Dee said to get me to sign up for the class. I said to myself, “If I can learn just one thing maybe I can lose a few pounds and make some progress.” In October of 2011, I set out to learn “just one thing.” In that first exposure to the No Diet Weight Solution, Dee used the word “Melting”. I didn’t like to use that word. One day I met Dee Wolk in our front lobby. I told her “thank you” and that I was thrilled with the program. She asked if I was “melting.” I reluctantly said, “yes.” Yes, I am melting. This program has changed my life. After six weeks, I am nearly 30 pounds lighter. I have not felt deprived and have found that “one thing.”

April 2015
“Between October of 2011 and July of 2012, I lost 75 pounds on the No Diet Weight Solution® program. It’s April of 2015 and I am happy to report that I have kept off all of the weight and I am very happily using the program still. It’s really become my way of life and my way of eating. I really encourage everyone to take a look at the program because it works.”

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YES! You Can Eat, Have Fun, and Avoid Weight Gain During the Holidays! 5 Great tips for scaling down and being prepared this holiday season

Holidays can be a torturous time for those trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Pumpkin pies, cakes, and fudge are tempting delights and seem to call our names (how do they know me?!). But the holidays don’t have to be tortuous or tempting. You can enjoy food and drink during all of the festivities and still stay on your healthy track.

Let’s first put things into perspective. Did you know that there are approximately 55 celebrations per individual, per year? 55! This includes religious holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, etc. Holidays and celebrations are ALWAYS just around the corner. So I say, what’s the big deal? It’s just another day dealing with food.

So, how can you win the battle over holiday weight gain? Think about this for a moment…if food was the only thing that made us fat, everyone who put food in his or her mouth would be overweight. We know that is not the case. Food does not make you fat…your relationship with food is what creates excess weight. It’s all “between your ears,” not on the food table. The beauty of that? YOU have control over that. We are not born winners and we are not born losers. We are all born choosers. You can choose how to live, how to eat, how you exercise and how you control stress.

Take some time before the holidays to get a clear picture of your stressors. What are the dynamics that always send you over to the dessert table…for the fourth time? Is it a particular person? Is it the same story that is always told about when you were a kid and you did something embarrassing? Is it certain memories that go with the house where you go to celebrate? When you become aware and understand your triggers, you will be in better control of them and better able to empower yourself by choosing your response…ahead of time. This shift alone, going from reacting to responding, can reduce your stress, as well as other emotional levels tremendously, before you even walk in the door.

Emotional hunger is as real as physical hunger, but it can only be satisfied by an appropriate emotional response. What often happens when we overeat is that we are feeding food to our feelings. Food is the appropriate fuel for physical hunger. However, eating when you are stressed will result in weight gain and weight gain will make you even more stressed. Stop this cycle in your life and listen to your feelings. What is it that your body and mind are REALLY asking for in that moment? For example, if you are tired, get some rest. If you are lonely, call a friend. If you feel edgy, go for a walk. When you give your body and your mind what THEY are needing, the result is a healthier, happier you.

Remember, when you eat when you are physically hungry, you burn it. When you eat when you are emotionally hungry, you wear it. What have you got to lose…except weight?

Here are some tips to help you thrive during the upcoming holidays:

1. Emphasize the Festivities
• De-emphasize the food. Concentrate on the celebration and the joy of sharing with others. Talk, laugh, and have fun! Enjoy the occasion and the company and the experience more than the food.

2. Think Positively
• Get really clear about how you want to behave in relation to holiday eating. Then affirm and resolve not to overeat. Reassure yourself that you CAN have fun without overeating.

3. Be Powerful
• Stay in Present Time with yourself. Just because you have binged in the past does not mean that has to be your pattern this year.

4. Take Smaller Portions
• Holiday times mean special food. Let yourself enjoy little tastes. This allows you to taste everything without risking getting stuffed.

5. Practice “No”
• Practice polite ways to decline more food if you feel you have had enough so that you are ready to respond kindly, but firmly when the time comes (and it will!).

I wish you the strength of character to pull yourself up by those battered boot straps and practice positive thinking and just a little perspective shift – you can do it! Good health, everyone, and happy holidays!

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