“How can I ever thank you for giving me such an important piece of my life back? I came to you a slave to food and sick of dieting. Through your remarkable and easy-to-follow program, I have not only lost excess weight but have gained self-love and self-awareness.
I had tried many diets in the past, always returning to my unhealthy eating binge/starve cycle once I “fell off the wagon” and could no longer tolerate deprivation that diets provided. Truth be told, I was in emotional and physical discomfort as a result of my overeating. I was also a slave to sugary foods and late-night TV eating. Little did I know that I was about to meet an outstanding mentor and friend, Dee Wolk, who would hold my hand and lead me away from my unhealthy relationship with food.

The very first time I met you and heard your message of “non-dieting” weight loss, I knew in my heart that your program was very different from anything else I had ever tried. I looked forward to your class each week, because as I worked your program not only was I losing weight but I was losing many of my negative associations with food and exercise.

As a result of your 8-week course, I lost 18 pounds (and counting!). I exercise regularly and work out with a personal trainer, have loads of energy at the end of my workday for my family and am a positive role model for my patients. For the first time in my life, I am not afraid of failing yet another diet, because you have taught me sustainable and sensible lifestyle changes. Best of all, I never feel deprived!

Dee, thank you for your compassionate leadership through one of the most important changes in my life. You are an inspiration to all who suffer with excess weight. I can highly recommend Dee’s Weight Solution to anybody who is tired of dieting and instead would like to permanently change his or her lifestyle into one that is balanced and full of joy. I know you are a friend who will continue to be there for me as I continue on this important journey.”

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