Would you like to be thinner?

Thinner without dieting or deprivation? Imagine, melting pounds away safely in a doctor recommended program.

“Diets” do not work as a lifestyle.

You probably tried counting points or calories, using pre-packaged food, and weighing yourself daily.   We bet you did great for a few weeks, maybe even a few months.  Then, the pounds crept back up and you were again, faced with the need to “diet.”

Excess weight does not just affect your health.  It also makes you feel bad about yourself, about your life and most of all, how you are showing up in the world.

Did you know…

Being overweight is not about food.  It is about you – how you think about food, how you use food and your relationship with food.  To successfully lose weight for life, you need new lifestyle tools – rather than just another diet.

No Diet Weight Solution® will teach you new, and healthy ways to have a relationship with food.

You will learn tools and strategies for permanent weight loss, including:

  • Understand and learn to feed  the 3 different types of hunger
  • End yo-yo dieting!
  • Consistent weight-loss safely without shots, pills, drinks, etc.
  • A motivating coach/facilitator who will be with you all the way (live webinar version)
  • No deprivation or inconvenience
  • A permanent end to emotional eating
  • An understanding of what healthy eating really is and how to achieve it
  • How to deal with food without gaining weight at home, work, while traveling and in your favorite restaurants
  • A roadmap designed especially for you that will achieve for you a healthier, thinner, happier lifestyle!

We know you are busy – that is why our program is offered in two  convenient formats:

  • Weekly live, facilitated webinar. Never miss a class. All webinars recorded and links emailed.  
  • Pre-recorded, self-paced program with downloadable workbook and MP3 audios

We work with real people and get real results.

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