Excess weight is a family issue. Without a drastic change, and tools that work, our overweight children will become overweight adults and will experience the psychological and physical problems associated with excess weight.

Being overweight is not about food. It is about each individual – how they think about food, use food and their relationship with food. To successfully lose weight for life, children and their parents need a new roadmap that provides a simple, easy way to achieve a new lifestyle around food rather than just another diet.

Today…think about your body as a machine, just like any other machine in your life. To the body, food is just fuel. It is really no different than the gasoline for your car or electricity for your cell phone. Those machine have gauges to tell you when they need fuel and when they do not. Begin to listen to your body again. It is telling you what it needs all the time. The challenge is that, in our society, we have become so accustomed to listening to everything outside of our bodies tell us what they need, that we have lost the ability to hear what our bodies are saying…loud and clear!

Begin listening to your body again. Hear what it is telling you…it is the beginning of a journey made much more simple than you think. Then…pass this concept on to your children. It may be one of the greatest gifts you will give them.

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