thCAUP5W63Each of you has a Natural Body Shape.  The weight that looks best on your height and frame – the shape you were meant to have!  No chart or program can tell you exactly what the natural shape should look like, but YOU CAN –  and you can become familiar with that image in your mind’s eye.

Your natural form is there inside of you.  I want you to “see” it clearly.  Here is an exercise that will get you reacquainted with your natural form:

Close you eyes and create a mental picture of yourself WITHOUT your extra weight…your natural form.  Be sure to put YOUR head on this image!  Enjoy the sight of how you can and will look.  You deserve it!

You can begin to enjoy your natural shape now by creating a movie in your mind featuring your natural body as the star.  What is your natural body shape wearing? What is it doing?  Does it feel LIGHT, CONFIDENT, and COMFORTABLE?  This is the REAL YOU and it is attainable.

Relax, put aside your anxiety and self-doubts.  Love you natural shape and become familiar with it.  IT IS YOUR’S!


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