“Doing fantastic here – thanks in no small part to NDWS.

Current weight is 201 pounds. 45 pounds total lost, 31.5 since the classes started. I’m thinking somewhere in the low 190’s is where I should settle in but we’ll see. I’m nearly 6’2″ with a larger frame so I think this will be a healthy weight.

I’ve been bitten big-time by the running bug. 45 pounds ago I struggled to jog a mile without stopping. Made a 9 mile run this weekend and then (gulp) signed up for a half-marathon that’s about 5 weeks out. Have some friends that are serious runners that I’m leaning on for training advice. Up until a few weeks ago I had never in my life run more than 4 or 5 miles, so I’m pretty excited about the prospect of completing a half-marathon. Depending on how it goes I may try to train for the Pittsburgh marathon next May. Thanks!”

MAY 2014
“Well this weekend I completed my first full marathon. Couldn’t help but think a little about NDWS during the run and the part that it played in getting me healthy enough to undertake my endeavor. Certainly could not have done this 50 pounds ago.

I was blessed enough to not only finish, but ran a 3:50 time which put me just inside the top 25% of runners. This time last year I couldn’t run a mile without stopping.

The guy on the right looks a lot happier, doesn’t he? The picture on the left was from 5/19/2013, I had already lost 15 pounds at that point.

Thanks for the support and encouragement.”

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