thON0YMW63Have you ever heard the analogy about the airplane and the oxygen masks?  If you are on a plane and the cabin pressure changes, the oxygen masks fall from the overhead consul.  What is it that you are instructed to do?  You are told to “put YOUR mask on first, and THEN help others who need to be helped.”  Why?  Simple…if you run around and help everyone else before taking care of yourself, you pass out.  Not only are you of no help to the others you were wanting to help, but now you have become a burden on them.  They have to stop what they are doing to come and help you.  Whereas, if you simply take a few moments to “take your oxygen first,” you can help anyone else all day long.


This is often what happens in our daily lives.  We get SO busy doing things for everyone else, that we neglect ourselves.  As a matter of fact, we even say things like, “I’ll workout/relax/do something for myself after I get everything done…if there is time.”

Taking your oxygen first can take moments.  It can be a simple as taking a few deep breaths or taking a 5 minute walk out in the sunshine.  Do not let you convince yourself that there is no time for you.  You will be wrong.  As Nike so aptly puts it, Just Do It!

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