Did I ever think I would be 55 years young and wearing a size 8—I certainly didn’t four years ago when I weighed 258 pounds and wore a plus woman’s size 20!

My journey has not been instant, not by a long shot. And no, I took no magic pills to lose one hundred pounds. Nor did I diet, or count calories and no I did not go under the knife.  And yes, everyone I knew losing weight on diets lost three, four or five pounds to my one pound in a week. And yes, every one of them has gained it all back, but not me, not this time. Sure I had a feeling diets don’t work. Ok, it was more than a feeling. After all I had lost weight on diets before like the cabbage diet, the beach diet, the no carb diet, the master cleanse diet, the big name diets with celebrity spokeswomen. I also took the pills, got the shots, and drank the meal replacement in a can and it worked for a little while or till I came off the diet. You see that’s how I know diets don’t work.

So when I met Dee Wolk, the founder of the No Diet Weight Solution, I was immediately intrigued. I’ve gone from fascinated to slim and the best part is—I’ve kept it off, all off and I owe it all to Dee!  I live in the same super-sized world you do, except Dee did “surgery on my brain” (without the scalpel!) and the proof the operation was successful is hanging in my closet. I don’t wrestle with my weight anymore. This is a real solution, and it doesn’t involve a diet. Thank you Dee!

Margaret Mitchell
CEO, YWCA Greater Cleveland
November 2015


“Well this weekend I completed my first full marathon.   Couldn’t help but think a little about NDWS during the run and the part that it played in getting me healthy enough to undertake my endeavor.   Certainly could not have done this 50 pounds ago.”

“The very first time I met you and heard your message of “non-dieting” weight loss, I knew in my heart that your program was very different from anything else I had ever tried. I looked forward to your class each week, because as I worked your program not only was I losing weight but I was losing many of my negative associations with food and exercise. As a result of your 8-week course, I lost 18 pounds (and counting!). I exercise regularly and work out with a personal trainer, have loads of energy at the end of my workday for my family and am a positive role model for my patients. For the first time in my life, I am not afraid of failing yet another diet, because you have taught me sustainable and sensible lifestyle changes. Best of all, I never feel deprived!”

“Making that initial phone call to Dee was the smartest weight loss decision I ever made. I had finally acquired the realistic tools that allowed me to make the changes that I could manage day to day. No more food restrictions or deprivation. I was given access to a room full of gold that I could go in to at any time.

Thanks to The No Diet Weight Solution®, during the past six months, my weight has dropped from a dangerous 271 pounds, to a much healthier 216 pounds. That is a total loss, thus far, of 55 pounds. I no longer require blood pressure medication or endure long restless nights trying to sleep with a device attached to my face or a machine noisily forcing air down my throat.

I want people to learn that diets don’t work because it is not food that causes weight gain, it is the mind.”

“The No Diet Weight Loss Solution® is a rare gem in a minefield of ineffective wellness programs. It is an honest, results-oriented solution that gives people the keys to a thinner, healthier, happier lifestyle within themselves. There is nothing else out there like it.

As I look through the giant haystack of weight management for a golden key, NDWS is one of the very few that meet my rigorous criteria:

  • Neil Quinn picAddresses root causes of food addiction.
  • Brief lifestyle intervention.
  • Fosters intrinsic change and independence, not dependence on a program that feeds on recidivism as so many do.
  • Uses unique learning and growth experiences and support.
  • Promotes sustainable weight loss/management based on reforming one’s relationship with and use of food at the emotional level, using food to appropriately satisfy physical hunger while developing healthy alternatives to satisfy emotional hunger and raise self-esteem/love.

NDWS is powerful and the striking testimonials speak volumes about the thousands and thousands of people who have escaped the shackles of a lifelong torturous relationship with food. In my many years of vetting health behavior change programs I can unequivocally say that No Diet Weight Solution® is one of the best designed and most efficacious offerings I have seen.”

Neil Quinn, Vice President, Director, Innovation & Strategic Management, Oswald Companies

So in the first 5 weeks of the program I have melted off 15 pounds and I know that this is what will solve my eating problems. I hope one day to become a facilitator for Dee’s program so that I can help people just like me turn their lives around – just like me. (Debi – Duramax, LLC)

“After participating in Dee Wolk’s 6-week program I have lost a total of 7 pounds and one dress size. Not only have I lost pounds, I have lost the weight of dieting – gone are the stress, anxiety, and pressures of trying to maintain a diet and worry about what I can and cannot eat. Through Dee’s program I have been encouraged and inspired to desire a healthier way of eating and have developed that “thin mentality” and “positive relationship” with food.” (Quintene – Executive Assistant, Cleveland Clinic Foundation)

“I am convinced that your non-diet approach to weight loss is the best concept on the market for lifelong, healthy weight management results. Your No Diet Weight Solution™ offers a common-sense approach for creating a healthy lifestyle, and you personally, are making a great contribution on the planet. That’s why it is such a pleasure to continue making referrals, both personally and through my role as CEO of the American Holistic Association.” (Donna – CEO American Holistic Medical Association)

“During the seven weeks I learned how to restructure my eating habits and still being able to eat the food I enjoy. For me the results far surpassed my initial expectations. By the end of the seven weeks I gained a positive self-image, got control of when and what to eat and have much more energy. Yes, I did lose 10 pounds and today, six weeks after the last class, I am 15 pounds lighter and still losing. Besides the significant weight loss, what was even more exciting was that I no longer have to take blood pressure medication and my cholesterol medication was cut in half.” (Charlotte – Benefits Administrator)

“I had high blood pressure and borderline high cholesterol. Now, several months into the program, my blood pressure has dropped to about 100 over 60 and I am considering going off my blood pressure medication. My cholesterol has dropped from the low 200’s to about 150-160. I initially lost about 3-4 pounds per week, and then I was losing 1-3 pounds per week very steadily for the 4 months…I am now weighing around 190 which represents a 37 pound loss over 4 months.” (David – Vice President Engineering)

“I would like to thank Dee for changing my life and the way I now approach food. I was 232 pounds with a 41 inch waist when I began her program. In a little more than 3 months I was 180 pounds with at 36 inch waist. Math was never my favorite subject but I can even figure out that is over 50 pounds!!” (Devin – Assistant Horticulturist)

“When I started the program on August 20, 2008 my weight was 217 lbs. As of December 4, 2008 I weigh 196 lbs. That is a total of 21 lbs. of unhealthy fat stress that is gone from my life. I struggled for a long time to get rid of 10 lbs. Now that I have the golden tool (A Room Full of Gold) on how to get the weight off and keep it off.” (JoAnna)

“This program has been a life changing God-send! It’s a straight forward, common sense, thorough and easy to follow approach to a life-long challenge.” (Sharyn – Realtor)
“Through (No Diet Weight Solution’s) wonderful guidance and knowledge, I have learned to respect myself and truly understand the phrase “food is no reward”. I have now lost 17.5 pounds in 7 weeks without dieting and I am still losing, and exercising daily (lovingly!). Here’s to melting!” (Veronica)

“Making that initial phone call to Dee was the smartest weight loss decision I ever made.I had finally acquired the realistic tools that allowed me to make the changes that I could manage day to day.Thanks to The No Diet Weight Solution®, during the past six months, my weight has dropped from a dangerous 271 pounds, to a much healthier 216 pounds. That is a total loss, thus far, of 55 pounds.I no longer require blood pressure medication or endure long restless nights trying to sleep with a device attached to my face or a machine noisily forcing air down my throat.” (Marty)

“I want you to know what I have been telling everyone about your program. When they ask me about Dee’s Weight Solution, I all but shout “Free at last! Free at last!” I tell them that Dee Wolk’s program is the “It” program for weight loss.” (Sandra – Publisher, Summit County Women’s Journal)

“It made so much sense. I never thought I could eat what I wanted and still lose weight…I learned that being overweight was a result of my thinking and was deeply connected to how I led my life. I now understand that it was not discipline that was missing, but it was the lack of commitment and a plan…Simply put, you buy the program once, but you get it for a lifetime…Dee thank you for helping me to see a better way to approach my weight, and even better, my life.” (Matt – Architect)

“Dee Wolk has changed my life. In all the diets I have tried, not one comes close to the approach that Dee takes to solving weight problems. She deals with underlying causes of overeating and the profound effects of obesity on the personality of overeaters… Dee is what the baseball scout calls a “phenom”…” (Phillip – English Professor)

“I don’t know how I could ever thank you enough. Your Weight Solution Program is truly what I have spent my entire life looking for… The day I stumbled upon your name was truly a gift from above… I did further research and low and behold I found some of the most interesting information regarding emotional eating. It hit me “head-on”. Now that my course is over, I am 22 pounds lighter. I have a whole new outlook on life. Not only do I feel better physically, I feel solid emotionally. I no longer focus on food. I no longer run to food when bored or stressed. The pounds are just melting away.” (Brad – Financial Adviser RHU, CSA)

“I learned…Food is my nutrition, not my happiness…You have helped me gain control of my life and I feel powerful.” (Debbie)

“Dee Wolk’s Weight Solution? How about Dee Wolk’s “new lease on life”? Dee’s Weight Solution is the most comprehensive program for the mind, body, and spirit that I have seen.” (Diane – Author)

“Not only did I lose 20 pounds in the first 7 weeks, I stopped my heavy addiction to soda—an addiction I tried to break dozens of times before. Focusing on the psychological and emotional reasons for the food addiction made the absolute difference.” (Sondra – COO YWCA Greater Cleveland)

“This has been the best investment I ever made, bar none!! What better investment than in ourselves to look better and live healthier?” (Priscilla – Cuyahoga County Board of Retardation)

“I sincerely feel I have broken the cycle of yo-yo dieting that I have been battling since my teenage years. I feel younger, more energetic, and more appreciative of my life, which is now NOT centered around food. In addition, I am over 20 pounds thinner.” (Cathy – Dean of Graduate Studies, Ursuline College)

“As a direct result of the knowledge gained and the behaviors changed through this program, I have lost twelve pounds (so far). I am delighted to report a remarkable improvement in my blood sugar, blood pressure, and serum cholesterol and my primary care physician was able to reduce my medication.” (Ethelyn)

“Losing weight has been great, but I have to say the best part is the freedom—freedom from dieting and the burden of a bad relationship with food. Food no longer controls me, and it is in its proper place in my life.” (Christina – Progressive Insurance)

“Thank you for helping me finally break free from “food jail” and learning to permanently live the lifestyle of a naturally thin person.” (Jeannie)

“Last week I saw my doctor and he was totally amazed at my sugar level and weight loss – all achieved without dieting.” (Toni)

“I fought against this program for the first few weeks mainly because I was never a ‘dieter’ and I felt this program was geared strictly towards ‘dieters’. Man, was I wrong!!!  You taught us how to control our bodies and minds. Once I understood ‘body hunger’ and ‘portion distortion’ I saw my own eating habits change as well as my thoughts on food. I now only eat when I am truly ‘body hungry’ but still in control of that hunger, never letting it get the better of me. The ‘tricks’ you taught us really truly help!” (Zoe – UH Hospitals)

“I have been overweight all of my life. I was the embarrassed chubby girl in the spandex leotards and ballet costumes. I had ethnic grandmothers who were wonderful cooks and made their own bread, noodles, cakes, soups – yummy stuff, all from scratch. But I was initiated early on into the Clean Plate Club – after all, there were starving children somewhere in the world! (How were we gonna get the food to them?!?) I never learned how to trust my body, to listen to my body – and respond when it needed food because food was put on my plate – but not the portion size for a child.

So, I started with Weight Watchers in 1971 – and I can still recite their program for you. I found ways to cheat, but never lost much weight. Fast forward to about 1978 and the advent of the Atkins Diet. As a butcher’s daughter, I was in heaven – and I lost 30 pounds!! WOW!! But when I started to eat ‘normal’ food – even fruit — the weight, plus more, came right back. I tried the Rice Diet, the South Beach Diet, and I tried Weight Watchers again, and again, and again . . . I even tried the hypnotism weight-loss plan offered by UH here at Main Campus.

So, was I resistant to ‘joining’ yet another venture?? You bet!! But I figured the $50+++ that I spent on weight loss books, weekly meetings, online Weight Watchers memberships — so why not give it a try??

Yours is the first solution to address what and why I have eaten the way I did! You have taught me to listen to my God-given body and fuel it only when it needs fuel. (I love the analogy to filling a car’s gas tank every time I see a gas station!) What a simple concept – one that had never been addressed – but only given lip-service by other programs. You encouraged me to like, and now to love myself as I would, and do, my spouse, my child, my friends. I have finally realized that I have the right to take care of myself!

In this process of learning to eat only when I really need fuel, I have lost 10 pounds – in seven weeks!! I haven’t bought special meals, I haven’t counted carbs or points, I haven’t eaten anything that I didn’t truly want to eat. I have limited my wine to when I am hungry, and am better for it. My clothes are loose, and getting looser!!

But perhaps the best thing I have gained from these past seven weeks was the way I feel about myself. I walk straighter, and more confidently. I hold my head up higher. I know that I am finally doing something for me and all I need to have with me is the numbers in my head, and my soul listening to my body. This is truly something I can do for the rest of my life!!

I sincerely hope that University Hospitals rolls this program out at Main Campus, and eventually the suburban locations, so that your program can be shared with more people. It is truly life-changing and life-affirming!! It would be such an injustice if it is not offered again – on a broader scale! Thank you, Dee – from the bottom of my heart!! You have helped me in so many ways. The weight loss is a plus; my sense of self-worth is what I awoke from deep within. Thank you for putting this all in perspective! Thank you, and God bless you!!” (Ellen – UH Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center)

“(The No Diet Weight Solution) program has made this journey a delightful lifelong encounter. Finally I have control.” (Myrna – Purchasing Agent, UH Hospitals)

“I went to the first introductory meeting with an attitude – thereby already trying to subconsciously sabotage my success. I have been disappointed so many times by all the diets I have tried that I didn’t want to be too disappointed. It took the first half hour of listening to you to get a glimmer of hope. What gave me that hope was that no matter how many ways people asked you for some magic bullet to lose weight, you told them that there was none. The way to lose weight and obtain better health was learning about your body, about hunger, what role food played in your life, and much more. Your program had answers that were reasonable with no promises that could not be kept…I can’t say enough good things about your program. It is a lifestyle change; an attitude change.” (Violet – Legal Assistant, UH Hospitals)

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