The Murder of Grabwell Grommet, by Arthur Hoppe, illustrates the idea of how the little things we do consistently have a huge impact on our health and our lives. Those impacts can be positive or negative depending on what we do.

The irony is that, often, we tend to go through our lives on “auto-pilot.” We are then so surprised when “something happens” to us to alter our health and our lives forever.  We feel out of control in those moments.  We feel helpless.  We feel as if there is nothing we can do…only what a doctor tells us we “should” do.  But the reality is…we have SO much more control over those moments than we think.  The challenge is to become AWARE of that control earlier than we typically do so that we can do something about it…like have more control over it!

In Hoppe’s short and powerful read, upon waking one morning, Grabwell Grommet believes that someone is trying to kill him.  Grabwell’s response is such:

Convinced though he was, Grommet wasn’t going to the police with his story. He decided his only course was to go about his daily routine and hope somehow to outwit his would-be murderer. He tried to think on the drive to the office. But the frustration of making time by beating lights and switching lanes occupied him wholly. Nor, once behind his desk, could he think a moment what with jangling phones, urgent memos and the problems and decisions piling in as they did each day.

It wasn’t until his second martini at lunch that the full terror of his position struck him.  It was all he could do to finish his Lasagna Milanese.  “I can’t panic,” he said to himself, lighting his cigar.  “I simply must live my life as usual.”

So he worked until seven as usual.  Drove home fast as usual.  Studied business reports as usual.  And he took his usual two Seconal capsules in order to get his usual six hours sleep.  As days passed, the man fully stuck to his routine.   And as the months went by, he began to take a perverse pleasure in his ability to survive.  “Whoever’s trying to get me,” he’d say proudly to his wife, “hasn’t got me yet.  I’m too smart for him.”


As you can imagine, Grabwell never becomes aware that there is no one actually out to kill him.  Rather, his habits during his daily routine are what are “doing him in.”

Today, I would encourage you to go through your day with some self-awareness.  No judgement (THIS IS IMPORTANT)…just awareness.  What are the things that YOU do completely out of habit?  WHY are you doing them?  What are the things that are happening on your “auto-pilot?”  Are they helping you?  Are they hurting you?  What do you have more control over than you realize?  Get Out of Your Own Way and Take Control.

You can read and listen to the full version of The Murder of Grabwell Grommet, by Arthur Hoppe HERE.

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