weight-scaleEnough with the scale already!  The scale is always going to get in your way.  Why?

First, if you haven’t lost as much weight as you think you “should” have, you will be tempted to give up with your efforts a lot quicker than just working with some new habits that are moving you towards better health and a lower weight;  that would be a shame because changing behavior doesn’t happen overnight – it takes time.

Second, if you have lost more weight than you expected, you’ll be tempted to give yourself a reward.  Too often, that reward is a big meal or a huge dessert!

The way you are able to tell if you are losing weight is by the way your clothes fit and the way you feel.  The real scales are hanging in your closet.  Weighing yourself can actually sabotage the changes you are trying to make, especially in the early stages.

SO, stay off the scale while you are working with No Diet Weight Solution!

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