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Find Your True Body Hunger Again and Drop Your Excess Weight Permanently

caught-on-tape-1420361The answer to permanent weight loss does not exactly lie in moderation alone;  it’s really about fulfillment.  It’s about learning to find your body hunger again, and believe me, this is a hunger that a large part of the modern world has totally lost.

We do not know when we are hungry!

There is so much coming at us from commercials, signs, and advertisements bombarding us with cues to eat when we are not the slightest bit hungry.

The key to sustained weight loss is about gently raising your consciousness to rediscover your natural body hunger. It is like finding a lost friend after a very long separation. Once you reconnect to this body hunger, you have a friend who will support you in eating exactly what you want whenever you are truly physically hungry.

When you eat when you are physically body hungry, you burn it. When you eat for any reason other than physical body hunger, you wear it!

This consciousness is very important. If you are like me, you know that dieting is NOT the answer to long-term weight loss. Let’s face it, if diets really worked, all anyone would ever need is ONE!

Diets only address your symptoms, your excess weight. They never get rid of the cause which created your excess weight in the first place. Get rid of the cause and you have found the KEY to permanent weight loss.

This is not about “fast;” this is about FOREVER!

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