Eth3X4A1F8Dxcess weight is a family issue. Without a drastic change, and tools that work, our overweight children will become overweight adults and will experience the psychological and physical problems associated with excess weight.

Being overweight is not about food.  It is about each individual – how they think about food, use food and their relationship with food.  To successfully lose weight for life, children and their parents need a new roadmap that provides a simple, easy way to achieve a new lifestyle around food rather than just another diet.

Some typical issues that overweight children have include:

  • Compulsive eating – which can include behaviors such as out of control eating, an obsession with food, thinking about food all of the time even when not hungry
  • Emotional dependence on food – by turning to food to feel better when sad, happy, sick, bored, angry, scared, etc.
  • Rebellious eating – to assert oneself, seeing food as sole pleasure in life, rebelling against the “food police”
  • Dieting – which makes children feel set apart from peers, and also sets up rebellion and resentment
  • Pre-occupation with body weight/self-esteem issues – hating one’s appearance, feeling that life would be better at a lower weight, hating oneself because of excess weight, etc.

The more families learn (together) to build a healthy lifestyle, lose excess weight, sustain that weight loss and create a healthy environment in their home, the easier it is for the entire family to maintain and create balance in the home with these topics.

We all have a responsibility to help our children reach a healthy weight.  Here are 2 good resources to get some quick and easy ideas for getting kids active, eating healthier, and really taking action in a positively healthy way:

Let’s Move! (Combining comprehensive strategies with common sense, Let’s Move! is about putting children on the path to a healthy future during their earliest months and years. It gives parents helpful information and an understanding as to how fostering environments support healthy choices. The site also discusses topics, such as, providing healthier foods in our schools and ensuring that every family has access to healthy, affordable food, and how to help children become more physically active.)

No Diet Weight Solution’s Family Program (Families learn how to build a healthy lifestyle, lose excess weight, sustain that weight loss and create a healthy environment in their home that is easy for the entire family to maintain, saving  time, money, and energy.)


Have a healthy day!

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