self imageMaking positive changes requires strong self-esteem. Otherwise, you can easily get caught in the cycle of guilt, feeling like you don’t deserve it and beating yourself up when you slip off the “diet” wagon. A healthy self-esteem also helps you to reduce emotional eating, a strong source of those extra pounds.
Most of us don’t learn how to love ourselves more. Here are 5 proven strategies for loving yourself more – day after day.
1. Treat others with love and respect. Bringing joy to other people’s lives will help you find joy in your own. In addition, those that you treat well will likely repay you with the same kindness. Gradually, you will start to feel your worth through the smiles of gratitude.
2. Practice random deeds of kindness. Share your gifts, your time, your knowledge in a nice way – or make a donation to someone in need.
3. Express yourself in writing. Keep a journal or diary; write a short story; write poetry. Write about your experiences (good and bad) and your feelings about them. Get your feelings out – but not on your friends. Writing down your thoughts is particularly helpful when you are working to change your relationship with food.
4. Learn to let go of past events. Hurts, betrayals, disappointments – everyone has them. Acknowledge your feelings about them, but then work to put them behind you. Know that you have grown and changed from your challenges. And most importantly – forgive. Emotional eating can stem from anger, sadness and grief. Letting go will help.
5. Forgive yourself. Stop punishing yourself for something you did or said in the past. Look at that mistake/error as a learning experience. Resolve to not do/say it again and take steps to keep it out of your conscious thoughts.
You may not want to – or be able to – do all of them at this point in your life. That’s not a problem. Even making 1 of these changes in your life will have a noticeable impact.
The good news is we can help you change your relationship with food, lose weight permanently, and love yourself more every day.
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