A Quantitative Study on The No Diet Weight Solution® Program

Review of the No Diet Weight Solution® Program | Compiled results from thirteen facilitated programs

Richard Lewis, MD, MPH
Occupational and Preventive Medicine
Lexington, Kentucky

January 9, 2009


The No Diet Weight Solution Program® is a six-session group weight loss program in which an instructor guides participants in conscious eating techniques using an audio CD/workbook (formerly Dee’s Weight Solution®). The foundation of the program is for participants to learn how to recognize physical body hunger and to eat only when hungry. Persons are given freedom to make their own food choices as long as they are physically hungry when they begin to eat and stop eating when they are no longer hungry and have not yet reached fullness. They are also encouraged to increase physical fitness, make healthier food choices, and recognize non-hunger cues to eating. Unlike diets, this program teaches the skills necessary to identify and address their “emotional eating” habits which are a major cause of excess weight.

The program has been offered in Northeast Ohio over the past two years. Before and after surveys have been collected from participants along with pre and post body weight measurements. The following is a summary of the program results for over 250 persons participating in thirteen different classes over the past two years.

Group Characteristics

The classes were offered at different locations including an internationally renowned hospital,
a regional medical center, several corporations, a research laboratory, a municipal office, and a school. Courses had from 7 to 50 participants, most having groups between 17 – 25. Groups met weekly and were weighed at the start and end of the six-week program. All the groups were led by an individual familiar with the program. Pre- and post surveys were also completed. Table 1 lists the demographic characteristics of the participants. Most were women over 40.

Table 1 and Graph 1: Demographic Characteristics of No Diet Weight Solution™ Program Participants

Table 1
Number Percent
Total 257 100%
Gender Distribution Women 213 84%
Men 42 16%
Age Distribution Age Less Than 30 17 7%
Age 30-40 50 20%
Age 40-50 88 34%
Over 50 97 38%

Chart 1

The weight loss experienced with past dieting is shown in Table 2. All had dieted in the past over half reporting that they had tried over six diets. This demonstrates the poor success rate of restrictive dieting, with only 8% maintaining the weight loss. The potential negative impact of dieting is demonstrated in that while 80% lost over 10 pounds, 85% actually gained over 10 pounds after the diet ended.

Table 2 and Graph 2: Weight Lost and Regained as a Result of Past Dieting in 257 No Diet Weight Solution® Program Participants

Number Percentage
Past Experience with Diets No diets 0 0%
One or two diets 41 16%
Three to five diets 66 26%
Six to ten diets 49 19%
Over ten diets 97 38%
Weight Loss with Past Dieting Lost no weight 2 1%
Lost less than 10 pounds 28 12%
Lost 10 to 20 pounds 80 34%
Lost over 20 pounds 126 53%
Weight Gain after Past Diet Ended Did not gain weight back 21 8%
Gained less than 10 pounds 31 11%
Gained 10 to 20 pounds 78 29%
Gained over 20 pounds 142 52%

Both being overweight and experiencing failure from dieting have negative impact on self-esteem. Table 3 lists several responses that demonstrate this effect.


Table 3 and Chart 3. Self-reported Reactions to Weight by 257 No Diet Weight Solution® Program Participants

Numbers Percentage
Because of my Weight, I: I worry about my health 204/257 79%
I feel self conscious 189/257 74%
l feel less productive 161/257 63%
I do not get proper recognition 86/257 33%

Non Diet Program Results

The program was successful in achieving weight loss. Most of the participants completed the program (94%). Over half (52%) lost over five pounds over the course of six weeks. Less than 10% failed to lose weight and only 3% gained over 2 pounds.


Table 4 and Graph 4. Weight Loss in No Diet Weight Solution Program Participants

Numbers Percentage
Completed Program 242 94%
Results Lost over 10 pounds 31 13%
Lost 5 -10 pounds 94 39%
Lost up to 5 pounds 101 42%
No loss 22 9%
Gained over 2 pound 8 3%


Figure 1. Selected Pre and Post Program Responses in 242 participants


In addition to weight loss, the program appears to have an impressive impact on the participants’ recognition of hunger and approach to food, eating and weight. Before and after responses to selected survey items are illustrated in Figure 1 and Table 5.


Table 5. Post Program Responses in 242 Participants in the No Diet Weight Solution® Program

Numbers Percentage
Program Responses My quality of life has improved 157/257 65%
I would recommend the program to others 209/257 86%


These survey results clearly demonstrate that persons can successfully lose weight without dieting. The method appears to achieve this through personal portion control based on internal physiological signals. Unlike diets, this program teaches the skills necessary to identify and address the “emotional eating” habits which are a major cause of excess weight. This appears to have positive psychological benefits, in addition to weight loss. The simplicity of the No Diet Weight Solution® Program is very promising in promoting sustainable lifestyle changes.

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