By now you are probably getting a little interested right? We want to help you see why the No Diet Weight Solution® is different…

and how we have helped over 30,000 people lose weight without dieting. Let’s take a look at the difference between a diet and our No Diet Weight Solution® Program:


  • Create an obsession with food
  • Require deprivation
  • Are a temporary fix
  • Require special foods, drinks, supplements, shots, pills, etc.
  • Are not a solution to emotional eating
  • Make you accountable to the diet, not yourself
  • Are the same for everyone – and aren’t we all different?
  • Balanced, good nutrition is not always practiced
  • Self -love is not talked about
  • Diets end with weight loss.  But losing does not mean maintaining, and 95% of dieters regain the weight they have lost plus more.

Diets have risks:

  • Most dieters become yoyo dieters which negatively impacts your metabolism
  • Many diets involve frozen meals containing numerous chemicals and preservatives
  • When the weight is regained there is a sense of personal failure, and a loss of self-confidence.

Let’s take a look at how No Diet Weight Solution® is different

  • Is Doctor approved and recommended.
  • Gives you a freedom to choose in moderation.
  • An on-going lifestyle that promotes prevention and wellness.
  • No special foods, drinks, supplements, shots, pills, etc.
  • Ends emotional eating and promotes balance.
  • Customized to each individual’s body (after all, we are not all of the same!).
  • Promotes self-love and provides a roadmap that helps sustain weight-loss and inspires a healthier life style.
  • Achieves weight-loss, but more importantly, provides the tools and success strategies to keep the weight off – forever.


  • None.  Nada.  Zip.
  • Safe, simple and sustainable.
  • Increases self- esteem and self- confidence

So….which would you rather have?

Let’s take a look at what our No Diet Weight Solution® participants have to say.

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