A lot of us have been there. Yo-Yo dieting, fad diets, friend's new personal diet, etc. They might work for a short time but sooner or later all the weight comes back with full vengeance.


Diets Just Don't Work

The New York Times had a great article today that explains why diets don’t work.

http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/09/10/myths-surround-breakfast-and-weight/?hp&_r.  In the article, it explains the myth about how important it is to eat breakfast.  This type of “scientific” information is why all of us become so confused about how to eat in a way that supports a healthy weight.  The No Diet Weight Solution Program is all about listening to your body and creating a roadmap that works for you.  That is why it works for real people wanting real results.


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