thVHDW5MJVAs a former-fat person and emotional eater, whenever I used to get upset, I would start eating everything in sight! By the time I realized what I was doing, the damage had been done and I hated myself. I knew that eating didn’t solve a thing, but I couldn’t seem to stop myself.

Once I decided that I needed to do something different, I realized I needed to figure out a way to stop the habit of reaching for food. It was just a habit and habits can be changed by changing your pattern of doing something.

Here are 7 steps you can take to begin to change this pattern:

1. You have already taken the first! The first is to recognize and acknowledge the problem.
2. Second is to take responsibility for this behavior by making the decision to change it (no matter what or how long it takes).
3. Third, make a plan BEFORE an upsetting situation arises. Decide what you are going to do when you get upset. For instance, “whenever I am upset, I will take a brisk walk or a drive in the car or make a phone call to a certain person to say ‘hi’. In other words, I will take time out so that I can vent my feelings and then analyze the situation. I will not attempt to stuff down those feelings with food.”
4. Fourth, remind yourself of this with a sign of some sort on your refrigerator, like “Am I physically hungry or emotionally hungry?” If the answer is ’emotionally hungry,’ go do something other than open the fridge.
5. Fifth, affirm your plan by writing it out in short, positive statements of resolve, such as, “I never eat when I am upset.”
6. Sixth, practice your new behavior until it becomes natural for you to respond differently to those feelings.
7. Seventh, forgive yourself when you slip back into past behavior, remembering that change takes time, patience, and practice!

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