Questions About No Diet Weight Solution® Answered

What kind of weight loss can I expect on your program?

An average woman in good health that follows our program can expect a minimum of 1-1/2 pounds of weight loss per week without dieting.  Men can typically lose up to 3 pounds per week.  This varies tremendously with the individual, but following our programs will allow you to “melt” at a healthy rate.

How can I lose weight without dieting? That seems impossible!

Most people who take our program have a history of the “stuff, starve, lose, gain” experience of many diets that have worked initially, but failed once the person went off the diet.  Often, this resulted in the person gaining back more weight than they had lost!  Our proven tools and methods are different, and have helped literally thousands of my clients jump off the dieting roller coaster which has contributed to their weight issues.  In the No Diet Weight Solution® program, we become your personal coach and teach you the tools and techniques that will help you stop your life of endless dieting and begin to enjoy food and life again as you find a thinner healthier you.

Can I maintain this weight loss?

Yes, because the method you will learn has no deprivation or inconvenience.  It will become your lifestyle.  It is the way your body was designed to eat and it will be easy for you to maintain the weight loss, as long as you follow what we teach you and continue at an increased activity level.

How long will it take me to lose weight?

The pace at which you will lose weight is very individual, and you must keep in mind that unlike your experience with previous diets, the goal is consistent and sustained weight loss.  You will continue to know you are losing weight by the way your clothes feel, and as the tools and techniques become your new habits and lifestyle, you will move from a ‘diet mentality’ to a ‘thin mentality’.

What is a ‘thin mentality’ and a ‘diet mentality’?

In the No Diet Weight Solution® program we will help you recognize the differences between the mentality of a person who does not have a weight issue, and the mentality of someone who has had a history of dieting.  By helping you to unlock the secrets of a thin mentality, and providing you tools to develop those habits, we will help you achieve a healthier and happier thinner you

Do I have to eat special foods?

There are no special foods.  You will end the traditional diet cycle of deprivation binging caused by a ‘diet mentality’ and learn how you can eat the foods you want and love for the rest of your life.  You will learn how the body was designed to eat these foods, and eat food only to satisfy the body’s need for fuel, or to satisfy physical body hunger.  Then, when you do eat, you will immediately burn what you eat, instead of storing it as excess weight.

I am an emotional eater. Can your program help me?

You are feeding an emotional hunger if you are eating because you are tired, bored, lonely, angry, feel rejected, happy, celebrating, because everyone is eating, because its time, it’s there, you pass the refrigerator, you worked too hard, you didn’t work hard enough.  Food will never make emotional hunger go away.  Our program will teach you how to take care of yourself when not physically hungry, without using food.  I call the things that feed emotional hunger without food ‘life enhancers’ and they will put balance in your life.


What exactly is a ‘life-enhancer’?

In our program we teach you how to tell the difference between physical body hunger which requires food to fuel the body, and emotional hunger, which cannot be satisfied with food.  Emotional hunger needs to be fed with those things which lift the person’s spirit and makes them personally feel good about themselves.  The  No Diet Weight Solution® teaches people how to satisfy emotional hunger by taking better care of themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually by identifying and then doing those activities which will make them feel good.

Do I have to exercise?

We get asked this question all the time.  No, you don’t have to exercise to lose weight, but you will lose weight much faster if you become more active and exercise.  However, you will not be able to maintain your weight loss without routine exercise.  Our program helps you to integrate exercise in a way that works for you because for exercise is important for your physical, mental and emotional health.

How do I know if this will work?

I’ve tried every diet.
We know you have tried many diets!  Diets don’t work.  If they did, all you would need is one.  Our program is a lifestyle.  It’s safe and most importantly, it will work for you as it has worked for literally thousands of others who we have coached through this journey.

How many people have taken your program?

We have taught almost 30,000 people the No Diet Weight Solution® system since 1983.  We have taught privately, and in group settings, including group programs at hospitals and as part of corporate wellness programs.

Is your program physician approved?

Yes, our programs are doctor-approved and endorsed.  Many doctors refer their patients to No Diet Weight Solution® to participate in our programs.  We have also taught many doctors who came to me as clients.  Our programs not only get results, but they are healthy, safe and can easily be maintained as a lifestyle.  In fact, our founder, Dee Wolk, taught the   seven week workshop at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Integrative Medicine.

Do I need to see a doctor before starting this program?

It is always advisable to consult your doctor before beginning any dietary change, weight loss or exercise program, particularly if you have special medical needs.  The No Diet Weight Solution® package contains information to help your doctor understand what this program requires, and it will help them to assess if you have any special requirements in order for you to follow this program.

How much overweight do I have to be in order to take your program?

Our program will be effective no matter how much or how little you want to lose.  Often, people who don’t appear to have a lot of weight to lose still have an unhealthy relationship with food.  The program is effective in helping you create a healthier relationship with food, and helps put food in the proper perspective in your life, which will lead to sustained weight loss.  Better yet, if you have recently lost weight, the No Diet Weight Solution® can serve as your after diet, helping you keep those pounds off forever, rather than gaining them back (and more).

When I purchase your No Diet Weight Solution® audio package, can I receive additional consultation or support from you?

Absolutely, we want you to be successful.  Through the No Diet Weight Solution® program, we will become your very own personal weight loss coach.  Additional support is always available.  Let us know what you need or about any additional questions by emailing Dee Wolk at or calling us at 1-800-770-4336.  We will be waiting.


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