Let’s talk about being good to ourselves at work.

Why, you may ask, should I think about being good to myself at work? I’ve got too much to do there! I’m under pressure there! I have to stay focused on the task at hand there! I do not “have time” to add another task to my list…even if it means being good to myself!

Think about that for a moment…

What I want you to realize is that there are ALWAYS opportunities to be good to yourself that do not take any time out of your already frazzled day. I call these “life enhancers.” Life enhancers are things that make you feel good; things that give you satisfaction and a sense of well being, even if just for a moment. For instance: flowers on your desk, a music box, and inspiring poster on the wall or a plaque on your desk sending you an empowering message, remembering a quote of a favorite saying, soft music, pictures of your family, significant other, or friends, a brisk walk around the building (in or outside). These things only take seconds of minutes; some, only a moment.

People take “cigarette breaks” an “coffee breaks.” I am advocating taking a “Life Enhancer” break today!

What are some of your favorite “pick-me-ups” during the work day? Perhaps we can get more ideas from each other!

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