no bad habitsHABITS! Your create your lifestyle, whatever it looks like, with the habits you adopt. Unfortunately, many people form habits and a lifestyle that will most assuredly lead to being chronically overweight. Awareness is key. There is no judgement when you simply say to yourself, “I do things consistently that keep me in an overweight body and sustain an unhealthy relationship with food.” No judgement, just awareness. When you are able to become aware and acknowledge this for yourself, you are in a VERY POWERFUL PLACE. You are in a place to CHOOSE.
Often, people decide that they are going “to do something” about it.
However…at this point, what you DON’T do is more important than what you DO do!
Here are 4 things I would suggest you DON’T do:
1. Don’T go on a diet! Diets do not work long-term. Diets are a patch, not a fix. You will always gain back your excess weight, and even add a few extra pounds!
2. DON’T use food as a punishment or a reward. Your body sees food as one things and one thing ONLY…FUEL. If you use it for anything other than that, you are feeding your emotions. Find non-food related things to use as motivation or celebration.
3. DON’T deny yourself a snack or dessert…IF you are physically hungry. When you get light-headed or get a headache or get a gnawing feeling in your stomach from hunger, it is just your body telling it to give it fuel! If you do not give your body what it needs to do its job, it cannot work properly. You NEED fuel to BURN!
4. DON’T make an issue of your weight. Where you focus is what you get. If you constantly focus on being overweight or unhealthy, you will keep telling yourself that that is who you are…it is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Focus instead on how you are choosing to make a healthier choice or take the stairs instead of the elevator. Focus on being healthier and your body will follow suit!

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