peanut-butter-1321238Here is a tip that is helpful for those times when you identify hunger in your body, but need to accommodate that hunger to fit your schedule. Let me give you an example:
Let’s say that you wake up, get ready to start your day, and have a glass or 2 of water. Since morning hunger is rarely “hunger,” I would advise to always start your day with water instead of food. “Hunger” first thing in the morning is most often your body wanting to be rehydrated after being partially dehydrated from sleeping for several hours and can send off a false sense of hunger. Let’s say that the first time you actually get physically hungry is at 11:00am. On this particular day, you have a 12:30pm luncheon appointment. You would like to have some hunger so that you can eat at 12:30. Instead of spoiling your hunger by eating something at 11:00, or waiting so long that to eat that your hunger is out of control by 12:30, just do this:
Take a level teaspoon of peanut butter (smooth or crunchy) – by itself, not on bread or a cracker. Look at this level teaspoon as a “lollipop.” Slowly lick the peanut butter, swirl it around on your tongue, and let it slowly melt in your mouth. Take about 3 minutes to eat the peanut butter. Within 10 minutes, you will find that this will control your hunger for one hour.
Remember, your “Hunger Buster” Tool for Manipulating Hunger:
• 1 teaspoon of peanut butter
• Eaten slowly for 3 minutes
• Controls hunger for one hour
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