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Diets only work while you are on them. Because they are depriving and inconvenient, you eventually go off of them. You then go back to the way you ate before the diet and start regaining weight.

Diets are only a temporary fix; they never teach an ongoing lifestyle. Diets only address your main symptom, which is your excess weight.

Let me fill you in on a secret…Being Overweight Has Nothing to do With Food, But Everything to do With YOU:

How You USE Food
How You THINK About Food

There are 3 different types of hunger; physical body hunger, emotional mind hunger, and clock dictated hunger. When you begin to address these very different hungers with very different fuels, you are eating the way your body is built to eat. As a mater of fact, there is only one reason for you to eat food; that reason is physical body hunger. This is when your body send you a clear signal when it needs more fuel to sustain you.

Often times, when you have been of the “dieting mentality” for too long, you actually forget what real hunger feels like. You spend so much time trying NOT to feel hunger, that you lose total connection with your body’s signals to refuel when YOUR BODY needs to refuel. When you learn to make hunger your FRIEND again, it will automatically portion control you.

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