When you are making shifts in your life to become more “healthy” and lose weight, one of the goals is to learn how to control the foods that you love.  “Diets” will often tell you to eliminate foods from your life, but that is not realistic since those foods are typically your favorites!  Eliminating deprivation and experiencing food satisfaction are both very important.  If you deprive yourself of something, you are going to binge at some point.  If you are not satisfied with what you are eating, you are going to go looking for that satisfaction when you are not hungry.  However, please note that certain foods DO slow down weight loss.  These are the refined sugars and starches.  In a nutshell, because they raise your insulin levels when you eat them, the body will turn them into fat.  These foods are also “addictive,” sending false hunger signals to your brain saying, “give me more!”  That makes them harder to control.

My advice to you for better, faster weight loss is to BUDGET these foods while in your weight loss process.  You do not need to eat an entire pie to know that you like pie.  You can take a couple of bites and get the same satisfaction, without the guilt and without adding more of the extra pounds.

One easy way to “budget” these foods?  Eat less and less processed food.  If it comes in a package, it is processed.  If you can choose the same food fresh, do it.  Every time you make that choice, you are moving yourself one step closer to better health and less pounds.

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