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Offering our NDWS Program would give your employees the tools, techniques, and coaching necessary to lose their excess weight and live a healthier lifestyle, while helping your company:
  • Reduce healthcare costs
  • Reduce workers comp claims and cost
  • Reduce absenteeism and "presenteeism"
  • Increase overall employee productivity and engagement

No Diet Weight Solution® is Your Solution

  • No Diet Weight Solution® can be followed from anyplace at anytime, whether traveling, at home, or at the office.
  • The live facilitator/coach is available 24/7.
  • Participants learn how to eat what they choose and consistently lose weight.

Change your relationship with food forever!

Receive tools, techniques and coaching to sustain a healthier, happier and thinner lifestyle. Eat what you choose, and still consistently lose weight. Listen to Dee explain how this is possible.

What to Expect from No Diet Weight Solution®

  • A safe, simple achievable program, doctor approved and recommended.
  • Consistent weight-loss safely without shots, pills, drinks, deprivation, or inconvenience.
  • A solution to end emotional eating and yo-yo dieting.
  • Learn about healthy eating - and how to achieve it.
  • No Diet Weight Solution® provides a roadmap to a lifestyle that permanently solves the participant's weight problem so they become healthier, happier, and thinner.

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We work with REAL people and get REAL, sustained results.

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