Hi, I’m Dee Wolk, creator and founder of No Diet Weight Solution®. I am a former fat person. I lived on the diet roller coaster.


You know the one;
starve, stuff, lose, gain.

I went on every diet that came out. I would lose some weight but because they were all depriving and inconvenient, I would go off the diet, go back to the way I ate before, gain back the weight I lost and more!

I was an emotional eater. I ate because I was tired, bored, lonely, needed a reward, celebrating, everybody else was eating, passed the refrigerator, etc., etc., etc.

None of the diets helped me with my emotional eating.

After gaining back double the weight I lost on my last diet, I found the
truth to be that diets are only a temporary fix; none of them can become a

I was done; I was done with dieting.

I finally realized if diets worked, you would only need one.

I became determined to find the solution to ending my weight problem. I
studied and researched everything about the body; how it was designed to
eat, enjoy food, burn fat and lose weight and keep your weight-loss

Yes, I found the solution; without pills, without supplements,
without shots and without frozen diet meals.

No Diet Weight Solution® was never meant to be public or corporate
program. It began as my personal journey to free myself of the
bondage of being overweight.

I lost over 42 pounds and the weight has been gone over 30 years. I have NEVER gained one pound back and I choose what to eat.

I wanted to share what I learned and have taught thousands of people the doctor approved and recommended program, No Diet Weight Solution®. 

I promise you a solution to end your struggle of weight loss. It will be like sliding on ice – easy and achievable and sustainable. I am excited and feel privileged at the prospect of being your partner and your coach.

I will lead you to a Thinner, Healthier, Happier, Lifestyle.

Listen to Dee as she talks about having her as your coach.

If you think one-on-one coaching with me, Dee Wolk, is for you, contact No Diet Weight
Solution® today and find out! Email me at: deewolk@nodietweightsolution.com or call 216.464.8778 or 800.770.4336



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