No Diet Weight Solution® is a 9-lesson program delivered over the course of 11 weeks

The program is available to be delivered in one of four ways:

  • Online, on-demand (self-paced) program (Start and attend the classes at your convenience!)
  • Live, weekly 30 minute webinars set up through a company or organization
  • On-site classes set up through a company or organization
  • Private one-on-one coaching for the individual

We provide tools, techniques and coaching for a healthier, thinner lifestyle you can sustain.

As the name implies this is not a diet, it is a solution.

All participants receive a CD package (also available in MP3 format) with Dee Wolk, creator of the No Diet Weight Solution®, Dr. Brian Alman, and Stephanie Richards, our registered dietician, as well as program workbook (also available as a PDF). Participants play one lesson a week, and then come back each week for their class with Dee Wolk, or one of her trained facilitators, where they will review the week’s lesson together.

Engagement is the key to sustainable behavior change.

Sample Lesson 1: How to be in a Room Full of Gold for the Rest of Your Life!

  • Failure is Positive!
  • A Commitment to Yourself
  • A Plan for Change
  • Fat vs Thin Mentality
  • Room Full of Gold™
  • Changing Your Relationship with Food

Sample Lesson 2

  • You will learn an achievable system that will tell you when you are physically body hungry, how hungry you are, and when to stop eating to lose weight
  • This system will enable you to tell the difference between physical body hunger and emotional mind hunger
  • The importance of water and how to use it to accelerate and sustain weight loss

Sample Lesson 3

  • The importance of trusting your body
  • How eating slowly has an effect on weight loss and sustained weight loss, and the techniques to accomplish this
  • The effects of cold liquids while eating
  • A tool to manipulate hunger
  • Establishing priorities
  • What creates personal power
  • Affirmations

Sample Lesson 4

  • Tools and techniques for reprogramming the sub-conscious mind
  • The role exercise plays in achieving weight loss, sustained weight loss, and in developing wellness in your life
  • How to deal with stress
  • The key to personal power
  • Affirmations

Sample Lesson 5

  • Review of the program’s basics: when, how much and why to eat
  • Patience through transition
  • How to keep in “present time”
  • The difference between appetite and physical body hunger
  • What to feed emotional hunger
  • A life balancing strategy plan
  • Self Love – the key to becoming the best that you can be
  • Affirmations

Lesson 6

  • Making the care of your body your number one priority
  • Basic, common sense nutrition
  • Solutions for night eating
  • Easy, fast ways to set up your kitchen
  • How to achieve successful restaurant eating
  • Affirmations

Lesson 7

  • Review of Emotional Hunger
  • The Missing Link – A Tool for Refocusing
  • Your 5 for Life
  • Affirmations

Lesson 8

  • Questions/Review
  • 10 Minute “Move to Improve” (with accompanying video link)
  • Exercise for Your Brain
  • Breath to Relieve
  • Affirmations

Lesson 9

  • Questions/Review
  • Obstacles vs Alternatives
  • Reality Check
  • Dee-isms
  • Affirmations

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