How well is your current wellness program helping your employees lose weight?

Helping your employees permanently lose weight is a wise business decision. Your health care costs will be reduced, and employee productivity increased.  In addition to providing a healthier work place environment, a wellness program for weight loss will increase employee retention and satisfaction, reduce absenteeism, and reduce your worker’s compensation costs.

We bet by this time you know that dieting doesn’t work long term ..  Excess weight is not about food. Rather it is about how each individual thinks about food, uses food and their relationship with food.  Diets don’t work because they do not address the core issue of excess weight.

For 30 years, we have helped thousands of people just like your employees permanently lose weight, feel better, be more productive, and to become personally accountable for a healthier lifestyle.

No Diet Weight Solution® has been endorsed and recommended by physicians and other health care providers.  Best of all, it works.  In fact, our corporate wellness program has been presented to thousands of employees with remarkable sustainable results.

Here are a few examples of the results participants in our corporate No Diet Weight Solution® program obtained – all without dieting – and of course this is just during the short program – the participants continued to lose weight permanently with their new NDWS tools and lifestyle.

  • 140 employees from Lubrizol Corporation lost a total of 895.90 – almost half of a ton!
  • 23 employees from UH Management Services lost a total of 188 pounds
  • 10 employees from Laird Technologies lost a total of 91.5 pounds
  • Real People – Real Results

We make it easy for your employees to succeed by giving them the tools and strategies they need to lose and maintain their weight, without dieting, deprivation or calorie counting.  Access to the program is convenient and economical.  We provide our Corporate Wellness Program on site, virtually via webinar , or both.

Here are the highlights of what your employees will learn, experience and receive as a participant in the No Diet Weight Solution ® Program

  • An end to yo-yo dieting!
  • Consistent weight-loss safely without shots, pills, drinks, etc.
  • A motivating coach/facilitator who will be with them during the entire program
  • No deprivation or inconvenience.
  • A permanent end to emotional eating.
  • An understanding of what healthy eating really is and how to achieve it.
  • How to deal with food without gaining weight at home, work, while traveling and in their favorite restaurants.
  • How to eat during Holidays without gaining weight or feeling deprived.
  • Exercises that best works for your employees and their schedule.
  • How your employee’s family will benefit from No Diet Weight Solution®
  • A roadmap designed especially for your employees that will achieve for them a
  • healthier, thinner, happier lifestyle!
  • Mp3 recordings of each session so that your employees can listen to all of the lessons as often as they like.

We work with real people just like your employees and get real results. Isn’t it time to start controlling health care expenditures by improving the health of your employees?


Give us a call or send us an email ( so that we share how the No Diet Weight Solution® Corporate Program provides you with a strong ROI and your employees with a lifetime of permanent weight loss.


Can all corporate employees have access to the No Diet Weight Solution® (NDWS) program?

Yes, the program is offered as an in-person class in northeast Ohio and in selected other areas where we have trained facilitators and also as webinars which can be accessed by employees anywhere on-line or via teleconference if an employee does not have ready access to a computer. If an employee participant misses a weekly session, or wants to review it, their webinar is recorded or posted which allows easy access via computer or phone after each session.

Do our employees need a computer to access the program?

No, our webinars can be accessed via phone during the session. In addition, all webinars are recorded and can be reviewed via phone as well.

What does the NDWS program cost?

The corporate rates for a NDWS in-person class is $250 per participant for the nine week program and materials (audio and workbook), and the webinar is $200 per participant for the program and materials.

Who pays for the program?

We recommend the participants pay at least a portion of the cost of the program so they have “skin in the game” and are committed to attending and fully engaging in the NDWS program. We have some clients that pay 100% for employees and spouses, and others who only provide access to the program, but no financial cost share. Often our clients provide some type of wellness incentive or cost-share which varies greatly in amount, but most employer clients at least offer payroll deduction as an option to help their employees spread the cost of the program out and to encourage participation.

When can we offer the program?

We have a team of trained facilitators who can basically be available to facilitate programs 24/7 at the convenience of your employee participants. In our experience we tend to have the most participation during lunch times or in evening webinars conveniently offered to reach employees and their spouses in all time zones.

Can family members of the employer take the NDWS program?

This is up to the discretion of the employer. Most companies also offer the NDWS program to spouses of employees since many of those spouses are on the company’s healthcare plans. NDWS is also in the process of developing and piloting an NDWS Family Program which will be available more widely in late 2013.

How much work is involved for a client to launch a NDWS program?

We offer a turnkey operation, including customized communications materials to announce informational sessions to provide more details about the program since it is very different than other programs most people have experienced, times for classes or webinars, etc. We work collaboratively with our clients to make the process seamless and customized to the culture and needs of that client. We enroll interested employees during in-person informational sessions and via an on-line enrollment portal on our NDWS website which also serves as a communications hub throughout the program.

Past and Present Clients Include