Excess weight is a family issue. Without a drastic change, and tools that work, our overweight children will become overweight adults and will experience the psychological and physical problems associated with excess weight.

Being overweight is not about food.  It is about each individual – how they think about food, use food and their relationship with food.  To successfully lose weight for life, children and their parents need a new roadmap that provides a simple, easy way to achieve a new lifestyle around food rather than just another diet.

Typical issues that overweight children have include:

  • Compulsive eating – which can include behaviors such as out of control eating, an obsession with food, thinking about food all of the time even when not hungry
  • Emotional dependence on food – by turning to food to feel better when sad, happy, sick, bored, angry, scared, etc.
  • Rebellious eating – to assert oneself, seeing food as sole pleasure in life, rebelling against the “food police”
  • Dieting – which makes children feel set apart from peers, and also sets up rebellion and resentment
  • Pre-occupation with body weight/self-esteem issues – hating one’s appearance, feeling that life would be better at a lower weight, hating oneself because of excess weight, etc.

The No Diet Weight Solution® Program for Families is the first program of its kind.  Offered through local school systems, the program is built on 30 years of success in helping thousands of people permanently lose weight without dieting or deprivation.

What will each family learn in the program? 

Families will learn to build a healthy lifestyle, lose excess weight, sustain that weight loss and create a healthy environment in their home that is easy for the entire family to maintain, saving  time, money, and energy.  Participants will learn:

  • The real reasons why parents and their children are overweight.
  • Freedom to enjoy all foods without guilt by learning how to eat what everyone else is eating, what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat.
  • Self-control by empowering each participant to do what is best for them while eating the foods they love and losing the excess weight they hate.
  • Simple, safe and convenient tools and techniques to end emotional eating and lose weight permanently.
  • How to have nutritional meals and snacks without adding more hours in an already packed schedule.
  • The easy way to incorporate our “Ten Minute Move-It to Lose-it” approach to regular exercise.
  • A roadmap for the entire family that promotes and sustains a healthy weight rather than a one-time diet that won’t work, long term.

How is the program structured?

The No Diet Weight Solution® Program for Families is structured using the highly effective No Diet Weight Solution ® methodology with modifications to meet the needs of the program participants for this program.   Our program is offered through selected schools and currently is focused on teens and their families.  The 9 week program is offered in person in the Northeast Ohio area and via webinar for other locations.

The No Diet Weight Solution® Program for Families has been structured with the participants in mind.   Easy access to the information in a way that works for participants together with on-going support are the two primary factors in the program design.

The use of technology in delivering skills based and inspirational learning is wildly used.  The ease of access using any electronic device (Smart Phone, Computer, I-Pad, etc.) increases the likelihood that the participants will make the time to access the lessons and begin to integrate the skills.

Daily reminders and Twitter feeds continue to reinforce the behavioral changes that are required to safely lose weight, without dieting, and maintain that healthy weight for a life time.

We all have a responsibility to help our children reach a healthy weight.  Our holistic family approach works.

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