ocean-treeThink About This…
If you wanted to grow a tree, would you put a seed in the ground and never water it? Would you just water an area of dirt without planting a seed first? Would you shade it so that it never was able to get any sunlight?
Of course not! Why? Because if you neglected to do any of those things, you would never be able to grow a tree!
And, once the seed was planted in good soil and was watered and given sunlight, would you expect the tree to grow overnight? In a week? In a month? Of course not! Trees that take time to grow bear the best fruits.
Then WHY would you ever expect your health and weight to change overnight? Why would you ever do only 1 thing, but neglect other important things, and expect to get the result you so badly want?
In order for you to BLOSSOM, you need to tend to YOU.
By learning a lifestyle that promotes wellness in all aspects of your life, you discover the power of believing in yourself and becoming your own best friend.
The most important relationship you will EVER have is the relationship you have with yourself. So, why not start taking care of yourself? Starting right now, being a new healthy habit…just 1. Do that 1 thing for the next week and then check in with yourself; How do you feel? Are you proud of yourself? Do you see that you are fully capable of making positive changes in your life? You are…know that!
Are you ready? Well…GET MOVING!

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