Losing weight and keeping it off is one small battle  in a much larger war.  The biggest victory will be your ability to love yourself.  To recognize that inside of you is a starving child…a child that is creative, intuitive, needing love and begging for your awareness of his or her existence.  This child inside you is starving for “Your Love.”  No one else’s love will do, and all you give him or her is FOOD!  This child needs another kind of nourishment.  Food will never sustain you, nor feed your real needs.  You challenge is to find out your inner child’s needs, so that you can bring true balance to your life.

You are not being selfish when you truly nourish yourself.  You are thinking of self.  Life’s most essential responsibility is thinking enough of yourself to take care of your whole being…your body, mind, and spirit.

When you begin by loving yourself, you will discover a greater, more genuine capacity of love others. When you are emotionally starving, you are always ready for a fight. Loving and nourishing yourself brings an inner peace and balance.

We all come into this world tiny, new, and vulnerable. This tiny person has the right to live to his or her life’s potential. How tragic it is that so much of this potential is never realized, because of circumstances and environments over which we have no control. We can be impaired so early in life by neglect, harshness, or the expectations of grown-ups who are confused and unhappy themselves. Will you stop this in your life? You can if you want to! All you have to do is become aware of the starving child in you. Then, feed this child “LOVE.” Remember, only YOUR LOVE WILL DO. Then, and only then, will the excess weight melt and STAY AWAY.

Food is fuel for the body to physiologically exist. You cannot use food to feed an emotional hunger and expect it to go away. I was a former fat person who started dieting at the age of 12. None of the hundreds of diets I tried helped me with my emotional hunger. None of them taught me to love and nourish myself with things other than food.

Thirty years ago, I stopped dieting and embarked on a journey of discovery. I developed a different way of life, free from obsession with food and dieting. I developed what I discovered into a successful weight management program. My program is not only about changing your body shape, as it teaches men and women how to rebuild their self-esteem. With that comes weight loss that STAYS OFF!

I truly believe everyone deserves to have a healthier lifestyle and the body they want to have. It is never too late to learn how to unlock your self-esteem, become a thinner you, and enjoy a healthier and happier lifestyle.

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