To avoid the various pitfalls that can occur during grocery shopping, shopping the perimeter of the store is key.

The outer aisles of the grocery store is where you will find the foods that are fresh (that’s why they are on the outer edges – years back that was the easiest place to set up and run the coolers and chillers). Think about the store where you ordinarily buy groceries. Along the outside walls is where you find fresh meats and fish, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, eggs, and other real, unprocessed, unpackaged foods. These are the foods that are typically higher in fiber, lower in sugar and salt, and more nutrient-dense.

Walk up and down the inner aisles only as necessary. For the most part, those inner aisles are home to processed, sugary and fattening foods, full of preservatives and other “extras” you do not require as a human being. We like to think of them as the “over” foods – over packed, overpriced, over processed and over advertised.

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