imageAre “life enhancers” a part of your life? Well, what are life enhancers, you may ask. They are those things you need on a regular basis, things that make you feel good, things in your life that are accessible to you and give you a sense of well-being.

I have found that people who have life enhancers as a part of their daily lives have greater success in ending their emotional eating (eating that is not based in hunger). Doing good things for yourself fills you in ways that food cannot. Yes – fill your soul with life enhancers, instead of filling your mouth with food you do not need.

So the trick is in finding the life enhancers that will fill you and fulfill you. Here are some suggestions:

1. Create a positive environment for yourself. Surround yourself with happy colors, joyful music, photos of your favorite places, flowering plants, inspirational posters… you decide. And always wear clothes that are comfortable and make you feel good.

2. Write down a list of your accomplishments. And review it often! It’s easy for us to get overwhelmed when all we look at is what we have left on our To Do list and forget to give ourselves credit for how much we’ve accomplished already.

3. Do something nice for yourself. Maybe it’s a massage, a nap, or a bike ride. Go to one of your favorite places. Treat yourself with the same kindness and respect you would give to someone else that you really like. The important thing is to allow yourself to enjoy the experience. You’ll defeat the whole purpose if you feel guilty about it.

HERE ARE SOME MORE “Life Enhancer” ideas…enjoy!

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