wellness jump

Wouldn’t it be great if you could walk into your nearest department store and purchase a box of “wellness?”

What would be inside this box of wellness? I think it would contain mental and physical fitness so that you could both look good and feel good. A good dose of self-esteem would be in there. Also, perhaps a touch of longevity.

What would you pay for all these goodies? I think it is fair to say that a box of wellness would be priceless.

Well, you cannot purchase wellness in a department store, but you can have it in your life. When we begin to develop a focus on healthy living, we realize that we all, in the end, have got to take care of ourselves. Nobody is going to do it for us…they can’t do it for us! We are each inside of our own body alone and so the final responsibility is our’s and ours alone.

I like the definition of “wellness” as published by the Wellness Council of America; “Wellness: an intentional choice of a lifestyle characterized by personal responsibility, balance, and maximum personal enhancement of physical, mental, and spiritual health.”

Yes, the good news is that wellness is yours if you want it. It is never too late to take charge of your life and improve the quality of life itself, mind, body, and spirit. I hope you make the decision now. You deserve wellness.

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