freedom-1396714Let me tell you how. First, you have to BE READY; ready to give up the fantasy that you are going to wake up tomorrow morning and have the body you want to have forever. This is what the diet industry, excuse the pun, feeds you! If you have tried diets and are tired of the lose-gain lifestyle that they can only offer, then you are ready for permanent weight-loss. Being overweight has nothing to do with food, but everything to do with YOU and the way you use and think about food.
How can you make this happen in your life? You need a plan. You need tools, techniques, and structure that make it easy. You need a motivator, a coach, a partner who will love and not judge you, but who will be tough enough to help get you to success.
It is not just about losing pounds, it is about losing behaviors that created that excess weight in the first place. Without behavior shifts, you will simply re-create your overweight self again and again and again.
It is not until you change your mind that you will be able to change your body, once and for all! It is about learning a lifestyle that gives you control, power, and freedom from ever being overweight again.

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