th7CHFB6KQSelf-esteem is the name of the game. Nothing can ever happen without a little self-esteem. If you think things like, “once I am thinner, I will like myself,” you have already lost the game! You are actually DOING IT BACKWARDS!

The reality is that, when you begin to like yourself more, you will begin to take better care of yourself and, one of the wonderful side-effects of that is you will begin to MELT!

Continuing from my last 2 blog posts, here are another 5 ways to boost that self-esteem right now:

* Stop seeking perfection. Don’t criticize yourself for not being perfect. Always try your best, and acknowledge that some things are your strengths, and some things are not. No one is great at doing everything. That’s just part of being human.

* Engage in life enhancers. Give yourself permission to have fun. Relax. Go for a bike ride or walk, go shopping, sit and read a book, go see that new movie. When you spend time doing something you love, you will experience joy, love and happiness in your being.

* Learn to see beauty. When you learn to see beauty in the world around you, you will also see beauty in yourself as a part of that world. So stop to smell the flowers, see the leaves turning colors in the fall, watch the sun set, enjoy the first snowflakes of winter. Try to notice everything.

* Expand your interests. Try doing something new! Visit places you’ve never been before; learn a foreign language; try a new ethnic food. Remember that you can have an awesome life – but it’s up to you to make it happen. Emotional eating can happen when you are bored. Keep your mind engaged and active.

* Tell yourself the truth. This might be the most difficult one, but to love yourself, you must be able to be truthful about your own feelings. If you are happy, acknowledge the feeling of elation; if you are sad, acknowledge the unhappiness. When you tell yourself the truth about your real feelings, you no longer try to hide your negative emotions. But by acknowledging what you feel, you have a pretty accurate guide to what your thoughts are. Your thoughts can be changed – being present to how you are feeling and thinking will support the changes you are making in your relationship with food.

So what can you do if you are looking for support in losing weight while increasing your self-esteem? The good news is we can help you change your relationship with food, lose weight permanently and love yourself more every day. Contact No Diet Weight Solution® at to address your relationship with food; and end your weight problems forever – guaranteed!

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