hungry-young-birds-4-1490111There are 3 kinds of hunger: physical, emotional, and clock-dictated. Most people with weight issues are emotional eaters. I was an emotional eater and there was not a single diet that ever helped me with this! I ate when I was tired, bored, angry, lonely, needed a reward, celebrating, it was there, it was time, I worked too hard, I didn’t work hard enough, everybody else was eating, etc, etc, etc.
Your body is smarter then you are. If it does not need the fuel, it will not burn it. It breaks down the food you eat into fats and sugars and stores it in case you don’t feed it later. You have to learn to take care of yourself, how to love yourself with things OTHER THAN FOOD when not physically hungry. That is the only way to permanently lose your excess weight forever!
It is simple; when you eat when you are emotionally hungry, you wear it. When you eat when you are physically hungry, you burn it. This is the key to understanding sustained weight loss and balance in your life!

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